leaves of wild service tree

Committee Members Needed

At the recent AGM of the Friends two long-standing members of the committee stood down.

This now leaves some gaps on the committee, not for officers or for a particular role – but general committee members who provide support and ideas for the group.

The committee meet around 10 times a year in the evenings to discuss event planning, matters relating to the wood, and general committee matters – we try to keep the meetings as brief as we can.

Committee members do not have to attend all meetings.  The purpose of the committee members is to suggest ideas for events, help plan and organise them, and help out on the day if need be and if possible.  New committee members are vital for new ideas, new contacts, and to help prevent the organisation going stale and to ensure the continuation of The Friends of Bourne Wood.  Some members can bring particular knowledge or skills, such as environmental matters, wildlife knowledge, a law background, charity background – the possibilities are endless!  Some members are good at planning, organising or practical skills – growing plants, putting up marquees, woodwork!  Members can therefore choose how much time they are able to give – it doesn’t have to be a great deal – but the possibilities are endless if time allows!

If you think you would like to join the committee then please contact Sarah on 07760468052 who can give you more information.