den built in bourne wood

Den Building Competition Take Two

The Friends of Bourne Wood had a warm, sunny day for their second den building competition of the year on Sunday.

The families used leftover materials from the thinning to create dens deep within the wood, which were then covered with bracken. John Wilcockson, the leader of the event explained how to make the dens, suggested extras that could be added and that there would be a rainstorm to test the waterproofness of the dens at the end!

Taking shelter! Bourne Wood Den Building Competition.

Four families, plus John’s family entered the competition in the morning, with the winners being the Whitney family from South Witham. The afternoon session had three groups with the winners being an all ladies team of Adams and Carlton, who won with lots of added extras such as a washing line and toilet!

Everyone had great fun, although they all got wet when water was thrown over the dens!

Photographer John Wilcockson©

One thought on “Den Building Competition Take Two”

  1. We had a great day den building on Sunday morning. All the dens were brilliant and it was lovely to be in the woods on such a gorgeous day. It’s amazing what you can achieve in one hour. Many thanks for making this possible!
    I was sorry to hear that there will be no Santa in the woods this year. I, no doubt like many others, have attended the event year on year and have perhaps taken for granted all of the hard work and organisation that goes into it. For us, Bourne Woods’ Santa is the real deal and we will certainly miss him this year. There will of course be the usual glass of sherry and a mince pie waiting for him at our house. It’s a pity that we cannot organise a last minute reprieve with willing volunteers. You can count us in if this were possible!
    Mark, Susan and Max

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