felled trees in bourne wood

Forestry Commission

Bourne Woods are owned and managed by the Forestry Commission.
This means that the Forestry Commission are responsible for planting, looking after and felling the trees within the wood.

They also maintain the paths, and recreational areas within the wood, mowing the rides and the car park in the summer. The Commission is also ultimately responsible for the litter in the wood, although the Friends do what they can to help, litter is a time consuming problem and we would encourage everyone to take their own litter homes.

The Forestry Commission no longer runs events in the Bourne woods, but they do have a volunteer sector which undertakes coppicing in the winter months. Most events are run by the Friends, with other organisations occasionally using the wood with the permission of the Forestry Commission.

The Commission are also responsible for the conservation of the wood and the wildlife within it, and work with other parties to facilitate this, for example the installation and maintenance of Owl and Tit boxes.

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