sea of bluebells

Nature Notes from Bourne Wood – May 2020

The sound was unmistakable. Clear and instantly recognisable both by myself but, I should think, to virtually all who could hear it. Not that you needed to be near as it spread through the still air across and through the wood. The sun was shining with blue sky above. It was a sound of spring. Despite all that is going on the cuckoo cuckooed as he sought to attract a mate. Fancy flying all the way from Africa and stopping in Bourne Woods, rather optimistically calling in case a female was within hearing distance. They say that in May they sing night and day- well this one was following the instructions as I heard in in the morning and the evening, depending on the timing of my daily outing. What spring sights and sounds have you witnessed? Swallows swooping, bluebells blossoming, tadpoles testing their tails? It is such a wonderful time of year and I do seem to have a few more hours to enjoy it. There we go- another silver lining! PS my dog is guilty of not following the social distancing recommendations- she still rushes up to meet her friends!