Objection to Planning Application – West Road Greenfield Site

The Friends of Bourne Wood organised a get together to show their objection to the planning application submitted by Aldi on the field on West Road on the edge of Bourne.   Despite a heavy shower just before and quite short notice of the event – over 30 people attended to show their opposition to building on this site.  The Friends are not against Aldi but would object to any planning on this site as it is a greenfield site which is not in the Local Plan, outside the curtilage of the town and adjacent to Ancient Woodland (which is why it is not in the Plan).

However, the Group’s main concern is that any building on this field will change the status of the surrounding fields (which are also excluded from the local Plan due to bordering ancient woodland), and it is unknown what these might become available for – possibly either housing or industrial.

Any building on any of these fields will have a major impact on the woods and the local wildlife and flora.   Currently these are grass fields which, although grazed, provide homes for countless insects, birds and mammals –  a supermarket and its car park will not.  More importantly, this and any other buildings will create noise and light pollution, as well as affecting air quality.  Not to mention the increased litter which is already a problem in the woods.  The increased traffic on West Road to access the site should also be a consideration as well as the effect of increased pollution which will drift into the town.

The Friends therefore urge the residents of Bourne to think of the effect this application will have on Bourne now and in the future – there must surely be better places for this supermarket.  The closing date for submission of objections is July 28th and the application number is S23/1177, you can make your thoughts known on the SKDC websiteEven if you completed the Aldi consultation document – it is imperative you now comment to SKDC via their website. We have found before that people’s opinions do count – so make the Council aware of yours!

Photograph by Peter Sharpe