wheelbarrow full of wood

Scavenging Day January

Our first scavenging day of the season was very well attended with 14 people coming to collect wood.

The format remained the same with people bringing their own wheelbarrows and borrowing saws to collect the wood from the previously felled trees – which was mostly ash.

martin cutting wood
Martin cutting wood.

Collection was slightly easier this time as the access tracks were all well maintained paths, and not so far from the car park and there was plenty of wood.

Several people had more than one barrowful;  in fact the energetic people had 3 barrowloads!  It was a very successful day, which those taking part thoroughly enjoyed.

It is a good way to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise while finding some reasonably priced wood.  The days are always popular with a regular clientele.

Photographs by Chris Neal

4 thoughts on “Scavenging Day January”

  1. Hello.
    I love the idea of your scavenger day but I’m curious to know if the general public are aloud to take wood at any other times?
    Nick lewis

    1. Nick
      The general public are not allowed to take wood from the wood on any other occasion other than an organised Scavenging Day. There are several reasons for this but mainly because only wood from certain areas can be taken, which has to be agreed in advance with the Forestry Commission, and there is also a limit on how much can be taken. The Forestry Commission has a policy where deadwood should be left in the wood, as an environment for beetles etc. We therefore are limited on what we can take out, both in quantity and the type of wood.

      You can imagine the chaos if everyone in Bourne went scavenging for wood in their own time! There would be no trees left! So look forward to seeing you this Saturday! Regards

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