scavenged wood in wheel barrow

Scavenging Day March

Our last scavenging day of the season was unfortunately hit with illness with several people cancelling on the day, however those that came were pleased with one lady saying ‘the trouble with collecting wood is that you do not know when to stop!’

The format remained the same with people bringing their own wheelbarrows and borrowing saws to collect the wood from the previously felled trees – which was mostly ash.  Collection was from the same place as earlier in the year as there remained plenty of wood.

wheelbarrow with wood in it
A barrow load of wood!

Most people had more than one barrowful.  It was a very successful day, which those taking part thoroughly enjoyed.

It is a good way to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise while finding some reasonably priced wood.  The days are always popular with a regular clientele.

As yet we do have plans for a further event as it is dependant on the felling which takes place and the agreement with the Forestry Commission as to what deadwood can be removed.

Photograph by Chris Neal

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